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Booking FAQ

1. How do I reserve and book a room?
  • Can I book on line
  • How and when do I pay for my room?
  • Do I pay any charge or commission for credit card payments?
  • How do I know your reliability and track record?
  • After payment can I change my booking?
  • What is your hotel/room cancellation policy?
  • The hotel has no clue about my booking, How is it possible?
  • Are children charged full rate?
  • What if I wish to extend my stay?
  • How do I check-in at the hotel?
  • What if I want a hotel not listed with you?
  • Is Goa a safe travel destination?
  • How is Goa during the rainy season?
2. Can I book on line
Online booking and reservation of accommodation in Goa at, is very easy indeed:

Step 1: Selection of your hotel
  • Select a hotel from our list of hotels & resorts at your chosen destination, or determine the budget that you are looking to spend or even the category of hotels that you want to stay in.
  • Review details provided about the Hotel/s in order to select the perfect hotel that suits your requirements.
  • Submit basic contact information (Name, E-Mail and Phone Number, Passport number or address details). You will receive a detailed confirmation of your inquiry via Email.
Step 2: Availability check by Reservation Staff
We will then check the hotel/s availability and advise you about the results via e-mail/ call. This can take a few hours or longer, depending on the timings of the hotel’s reservation staff, discount brokers, as well as our office. We will reply to all requests within 24 hours. On weekends and Indian holidays there can be a slight delay in checking availability, which we will inform you about.

Step 3: Reconfirm reservation by submitting deposit
You can reconfirm your reservation by:

a. Arrival in more than 21 days
If rooms are available, we will reserve and hold them for a few days at first. If your check-in at the hotel is in more than 21 days, we will send you a Reservation Confirmation Message via e-mail message, which again details your reservation request and kindly asks you to reconfirm your booking within 48 hours (two days). This is done by submitting a deposit of 5 percent of the room charge for all rooms nights or Rs.500/- whichever is higher.

Reservations for December and January of each year (high season/peak season) usually require a higher deposit of at least one night's accommodation to secure the rooms. This might even be higher in some cases for very popular hotels and destinations. We will advise in each case as to the deposit amount.

If we don't receive payment of the deposit within the said 48 hours, we will send you another reminder to submit payment within 24 hours. If we don't receive the deposit payment within the said 24 hours, your booking will have to be cancelled, i.e. we usually can't guarantee availability of these rooms any longer.

Upon receipt of this deposit payment, we will reconfirm your reservation with our suppliers and the hotel. It is at this point that your reservation is secured and that we guarantee the rooms.

When you pay
the total amount, upon which we will issue the hotel voucher for your stay and send it via e-mail attachment in PDF format. Immediate full payment is always advisable when you're already leaving for your trip to Goa and don't have access to a personal computer.

21 days before your check-in date, we will send you a payment reminder for the rest of the booking amount. Payment of the remainder should then be submitted within 48 hours (two days) as detailed in the reminder message. If we don't receive payment of the remaining amount within 48 hours, we will send you another reminder, upon which payment has to be made within 24 hours. If we don't receive payment within the said 24 hours, your booking will have to be cancelled and our cancellation policy applies.

b. Arrival in 21 days or less
If your arrival is in less than 21 but more than seven days, we will send you a Reservation Confirmation Message, but the full amount has to be paid within 48 hours (2 days) after the send-date of this message. If we don't receive payment by this date, we will send you a reminder, upon which payment of the full amount has to be submitted within 24 hours. If we don't receive payment within the said 24 hours, your booking will have to be cancelled.

Bookings within seven days of arrival require payment of the full booking amount within 24 hours and we cannot send another reminder, i.e. we usually cannot hold the rooms for more than one day.

For all payments due you will receive detail e-mail messages containing all relevant information. Our payment gateway always calculates the due amount automatically. You can always contact us if there is any problem with the payment so that we hold the rooms longer as the case may be.

You can make all payments easily and securely by using our secure credit card interface.

And of course you have the option to send your payment via demand draft to HnV Group, payable at Panjim-Goa. or international Telex Transfer. Please refer to for details.
These conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Step 4: Payment of remainder and voucher issuing
Once we receive the full amount due, will then send you a hotel voucher (by e-m ail Attachment, in Portable Document Format (.PDF), which you can open and print with the Adobe Acrobat Reader).You have to present this voucher at the hotel reception upon check-in.

3. How and when do I pay for my room ?
To obtain a confirmed reservation of the rooms payment of the due amount (deposit - see above for details) is required within 48 hours after we send you the reservation confirmation message, which states that the rooms are available. This message will also state the exact amount due. If we don't receive your payment by the set date, we will send you an e-mail reminder. You then have to submit your payment within 24 hours; otherwise the reservation will have to be cancelled. Payment of the full amount must be submitted within 48 hours if your booking is within 21 days prior to your check-in date and within 24 hours if your arrival is within 7 days.

Any booking, that concerns the period from 20 December to 10 January, has to be fully paid before 15 November, otherwise we will release the reservations made without further notice and any deposit payment made will be forfeited.

These conditions subject to change without prior notice.

4. Do I pay any charge or commission for credit card payments?
The amount due, which we quote in the reply e-mail that you receive when you submit your booking request (in the field "Grand Total:"), is the net amount, i.e. there are no additional charges for you unless there were any subsequent changes made to your booking upon your request. Also, the amount due is the same regardless of which payment option you choose. This means that we are entirely responsible for the charges incurred by the credit card processing on the side of our bank, so there is no commission that you have to pay. We pay this amount to our bank.

However, there may be a charge levied by the credit card issuer (Visa or MasterCard) for use of the credit card abroad. This amount is usually 1% of the transaction amount, but may vary from country to country where the card is issued. This is a charge we have nothing to do with; it's entirely between you and the credit card company.

For Telex Transfer Payments, there is a fee which varies from bank to bank and in different countries. This fee is entirely your responsibility, i.e. the payment is only duly completed when we receive the invoiced amount in full and in Indian Rupees credited to our bank account.

5. How do I know your reliability and track record?
Over the past few years, we have become one of the leading reservation engines for accommodation in Goa due to the ease-of-use of our web site, our low prices and the reliability of our services, through which we have built a loyal base of return customers.

Even if anything should go wrong:

We are a travel agency registered with the Tourism Authority of Goa. You can also lodge a complaint with your credit card company which will usually refund the money to you and then deal with us through our bank. Every credit card company has a form for refund requests (so called charge-back requests), for example for services not provided etc. This is a very efficient way to get your money back without any help from the courts as we as the merchant have to substantiate that the services were duly provided. If the charge-back request is not justified, your credit card will be charged again by the credit card issuer.

Please be assured that we source our rooms and services directly or through most reputed and market-leading travel operators in Goa who have been in business for many decades. In fact, we also personally review each and every hotel or resort that we vouch for or promote. For us, it is more important that the customers who travel with us are happy about the service that we provide and would rely on us the next time they travel and the time after that. Considering the fact that we are an internet travel portal, we constantly cater to new customers in the course of what we do. We do of course provide excellent service to them. The best in the industry in fact. But in our vast experience, we have also learnt one of the most important lessons in the industry. Keeping a valued customer is far more difficult than acquiring a new one. In several years of operation, there has not been a single complaint about our service nor a credit card charge-back, nor will you find any negative comments about our company on any Internet forum. We have served many thousands of satisfied customers over the years, most of whom rely on our services every time they travel to Goa.

6. After payment can I change my booking?

Yes. Please advise us regarding all amendments via e-mail as soon as possible.

Extensions and amendments.
If you extend your stay, i.e. the number of nights or rooms, you can just place another order for the extension. By using your e-mail address and the password that we issue you, you can just log in without having to submit your contact information again.

Reduction in the number of nights or rooms.
If you require fewer nights or rooms, the difference to your original booking will be refunded. An administration charge may apply.

Within 7 days of check-in: Amendments can be made on a case-by-case basis. In the last seven days before your arrival, we cannot guarantee that amendments can be made or the amount can be refunded.

7. What is your hotel room cancellation policy?
See our Cancellation Policy

8. The hotel has no clue about my booking, How is it possible?
Since we source many of our rooms directly or from wholesale agents, the hotel might not have a reservation record under Your name should be on file at the hotel, though. There might be a difficulty comprehending your name over the telephone in case of some accents or regions in the state. That would be the only predominant reason why you would be told that your name is not on the reservation list.

9. Are children charged full rate ?
Child rates vary from hotel to hotel. Rates are normally reduced for children under the age of 12 years. We can in any event check the child rate at your request and confirm the same on the e-mail Reservation Confirmation Message (RCM) sent to you after your initial inquiry for a room.

10. What if I wish to extend my stay?
To continue to take advantage of our low rates, you should place another booking with us in Goa. You can just walk into an Internet cafe at your holiday destination in Goa, which you will find at every nook and corner, and place another reservation request online. If you book directly at the hotel for the extension period, you will be charged a different rate to our prices, which will usually be significantly higher.

11. How do I check-in at the hotel?
Simply present your hotel voucher to the hotel's reception staff for confirmation of your reserved room. If for any reason you should need a duplicate hotel voucher, please do not hesitate to contact us giving your Booking ID.

12. When can I check in?
The common policy of most hotels in Goa is that check-in at 12.00 noon and check-out time is at noon (11:00)a.m. Please note that if you want an early morning check-in, then you should book for the preceding night.

13. What if I want a hotel not listed with you?
We are able to offer other hotels not listed on our web site. If the particular hotel you require is not listed, please e-mail us using the contact us form giving information of the name of the hotel, location, check in/out dates, room type and number of rooms. We will then try and secure you a competitive price for this hotel.

14. Is Goa a safe travel destination?
As all guidebooks will tell you, Goa is one of the safest travel and holiday destinations in the world. The People of Goa have are warm and hospitable to all from other Countries and States of India. This leads - in spite of social inequality - to great social stability and conflict resolution without violence. Foreign visitors are always treated with respect and friendly courtesy.

While in India, traveling in Goa is safer than in most cities, this is especially true for single woman travelers and those who might be ostracized in less tolerant societies.

15. How is Goa during the "rainy season"?
Goa has a beautiful fresh ambience in the monsoon. While it's true that Goa is an ideal escape from the winter of the northern hemisphere into a perfect climate of sunshine and balmy temperatures from November to early March, more and more visitors are now discovering that Goa is an ideal year-round destination. Rainy season does not mean that it rains all day or even every day. Rains are usually during the nights with days being pleasant and cool. During the day the rain pours in short showers which don't hinder most activities. Stories about high temperatures at high humidity are simply false, air and water around 30°C is the norm, not much higher than in the cool season. The atmosphere is usually fresh, having green panoramic view as well as the beautiful sea and sand all along the coast.

Prices can be much lower, during the rainy season, than in the peak season. The whole atmosphere is much more relaxed while most restaurants, hotels and shops remain open year-round. You will get better service at lower prices at all establishments as Goa is famous for its hospitality.

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